Teen Counseling

Child, Teen, and Adolescent Counseling

Mental health is an important part of overall health for children as well as adults. For many adults who have mental health challenges, symptoms were present but often not recognized or addressed in childhood or adolescence. For a young person with symptoms of a mental health challenge, the earlier treatment is started, the better the outcome will be. Early treatment can help prevent more severe, lasting problems as a child grows up.

Warning Signs

Lets look at the warning signs together. It can be tough to tell if troubling behavior in a child is just part of growing up or a problem that should be discussed with a mental health professional. If there are signs and symptoms that last weeks or months, interfere with your child or teen’s daily life i.e. school, relationships, family; you should contact us here at Counseling Services of Olympia for a comprehensive evaluation and treatment options.

Your child or teen might need help if he, she, they/them:

  • Often feels anxious or worried
  • Has very frequent tantrums or appears irritable a lot of the time
  • Has frequent stomachaches or headaches with no physical explanation
  • Is in constant motion, can’t sit quietly for any length of time
  • Has trouble sleeping, including frequent nightmares
  • Loses interest in things he, she, they/them used to enjoy
  • Avoids spending time with friends
  • Has trouble doing well in school, or grades decline
  • Fears gaining weight; exercises, diets obsessively
  • Has low or no energy
  • Has spells of intense, inexhaustible activity
  • Harms herself/himself/themselves, such as cutting or burning his/her/their skin
  • Engages in risky, destructive behavior
  • Harms self or others
  • Smokes, drinks, or uses drugs
  • Has thoughts of suicide
  • Thinks his or her mind is controlled or out of control, hears voices

Here at Counseling Services of Olympia we use an integrated approach with everyone that walks into our office. We feel that the child, teen, or adolescent should have services tailored to them and others who might be involved in the process. It is also very important to us that we work with the family and evaluate the family system to provide services to the family unit if necessary. Other approaches used are CBT (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy) and DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy). We also integrate other methods as well i.e. trauma modalities, narrative therapy, or group therapy.

The therapists at Counseling Services of Olympia have a strong connection to our community of providers, and resources to connect your child, teen, or adolescent to a multidisciplinary team of professionals. We strive to coordinate care with medical and psychiatric providers to provide the best care we can for your child.