Reunification & Evaluations

The Benefits of A Mental Health Evaluation

  • Evaluations can be court ordered for anger management, reunification proceedings, as part of a court ordered evaluation for a court-related dispute
  • They can assist defense attorneys of non-violent offenders in advocating for reduced length or type of sentencing, deferred sentencing, meet court ordered requirements, probation or result in other acts of leniency such as mental health and/or drug court for qualified offenders.
  • They can be used for court recommended evaluation and treatment for juvenile and family court or criminal and DUI proceedings when there is a potential underlying or identified mental health and/or substance abuse disorder.
  • Evaluations can be helpful in dissolution proceedings when a parent’s competency is in question regarding mental health and/or substance abuse


  • Assessment: $100-150 per hour, assessment typically takes 2 1/2 to 3 hours
  • Documentation and Collateral Contacts: $150 per hour billed in 15 minute increments
  • Fee for initial assessment and one hour of documentation preparation is due at initial service, all other fees are billed accordingly and due upon receipt prior to release of final assessment​
  • Court Testimony $250 per hour (billing begins at start of travel and ends when leaving court facility)
    A retainer may be required
  • Depending on the details of your case you may be asked to pay a retainer for services. This is common in family and reunification cases, anger management evaluation and treatment cases, and complex legal cases. Your initial phone consultation will determine the initial upfront cost. This is subject to change and will be discussed with your provider during your initial consultation
  • We accept cash payment and most major credit and debit cards.

Please schedule an initial phone consultation to discuss case details.

A mental health evaluation does not guarantee outcomes in any case.